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Tree Surgeon at WorkAre you looking for a dependable tree removal service company in Crown Point, IN? For the most reliable tree service in town, contact Down To Earth Tree Service. Our company has been helping our customers maintain their trees for 23 years now. Our extensive experience in the business instills in us confidence and pride. Regardless of what type of procedure you want for your trees, we will be there for you.

Down To Earth Tree Service is very knowledgeable about every aspect of tree maintenance. Some of the most requested services are tree trimming and tree pruning. Our company can give your Crown Point, IN trees what they need.

We are a tree contractor specialists in tree pruning

Regardless of the reasons why a tree branch has to be cut, the task has to be approached with extreme care and professionalism. If the job is not done correctly, the tree will suffer and may even die. If you care about your trees, hire us, because we have the most capable tree contractor experts on our team. They can perform the ideal cut that will make your tree healthier than ever before. They are properly equipped and well acquainted with the most effective techniques for doing the job. Other than tree care, our company also does tree removal.

Safest tree removal

When a tree is cut, an unsightly stump remains. We can rid you of your stump too, with the help of our powerful grinding machines. Grinding is the most effective method of removing stumps.

Our team is comprised of highly trained tree service professionals for whom there are no insurmountable challenges. We can deal with any tree, regardless of its type, age or size. Whether you need an emergency service or regular tree maintenance, we are always ready to assist you. All you have to do is call Down To Earth Tree Service at (219) 663-5630, and we will come promptly to solve your tree issues.

Down To Earth Tree Service
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Amazing tree service

Apr 02, 2013 by Konstantin

I had those guys come over and removed a tree for me! They not only remove it safely but also there was no need for me to clean up the mess because they took care of that too! Priceless
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